Comprehensive Live Review

Because this is a Comprehensive Live Review, we assume that all participants will have studied at the very minimum the Zahn Prestudy which will be provided upon program registration. It is further assumed that class participants will have an in-depth understanding of the course areas of General Principles, Insurance, Investment, Income Tax, and Retirement along with Estate Planning prior to attending our Live Review class. Comprehensive Live Review instruction will focus on application, analysis, and case evaluation. Because time is limited, questions during class will be restricted to the material for the CFP® Certification Examination. Personal interest questions will not be entertained during class time but instructors are welcome to discuss after class. We value your time in class by staying focused on the Live Review book. 
The Prestudy materials are constantly being updated for the current testing exam as we do not recommend using older materials to prepare for a more current exam. This Prestudy material includes Zahn textbooks (2) along with quizzes, cases and mock exams. The Prestudy material recommendation is approximately 100-120 study hours prior to attending the Comprehensive Live Review class. Our statistics show a correlation between students that do not complete the Prestudy materials prior to class resulting in a failed attempt on the exam. Students are better equipped for the actual class along with the Post Study once they have completed the Prestudy materials.
As you may or may not be aware, the CFP® Certification Examination includes cases. The Zahn Program Prestudy addresses the building blocks to answering case study questions. The case work begins with basic cases which expand in length and intensity. There are numerous cases in the Prestudy as well as in the Comprehensive Live Review book.
The Comprehensive Live Review uses an uniquely designed textbook. This book is designed to limit the need for note-taking as the material in the book is condensed and focused. The book content is structured to coordinate with, but not duplicate, information that is either covered in the CFP Board-Registered Education Programs or the various self-study materials available nationally. Throughout the entire program including Prestudy, Live Review and Post Study materials, students will experience approximately 1,800 questions. The book is edited for specifically for each testing cycle.
We also provide lunch for the 4 days of class. Students truly appreciate having lunch served as we are able to maintain a focused and timely experience for attendees.
Our instructors have been trained by Ken Zahn along with their personal years of experience in the industry. The instructors have all taught in Zahn Partnered Education Programs and Live Review courses for numerous years. To view more details about each instructor or watch their personal videos, please visit Instructors.
We recommend that all potential students, visit CFP Board website to review the application process and to register for the CFP® Certification Examination. CFP Board site: Guide To CFP Certification.
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